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Traveling Abroad – Being Well-Informed Ensures Safe Travel

They say that an informed traveler is a safe traveler. Nowadays, when the world is facing more than one kind of threats, it has become risky to travel. Does it mean that we should stop traveling? The answer is no because that conclusion does not make sense. Do you stop leaving your home when a robbery occurs in your neighborhood? Of course not; so what is the solution?

The simple solution is to be well-informed before you pack your bags and begin your travel to any of the tourist destinations. We live in a world which is threatened by terrorist attacks, extreme climate changes, political tensions, deadly diseases and the routine crimes. We can’t ensure our absolute safety but gathering up right information about the right timing and which areas to avoid can help a lot to travel safely.

Risk vs. Fear

Many people confuse risk and fear. There is a difference between the two terms. Taking risk is not equal to being scared. Moreover, being scared is an emotion and not a statistic based on which we can stop to travel. The point is to make rational decisions. Often, fear can cloud our judgements and force us to make irrational decisions. Many times, in the war between our gut and brain, the gut wins. The solution is to push your gut towards rationality by looking up the right information.

Is the Information Correct?

The increase in the number of news sources and the social media may have its advantages but we can’t deny the fact that not all sources are communicating the authentic information. Thus, it is our responsibility to filter out the right information from among the huge amount of misinformation and rumours.

How to be Well-Informed and Travel Safe?

There are many factors you might want to check out information on before you head out to your destination.

Road Safety

No matter how unlikely it may seem, but there is a significant statistic that indicates that many people die in road accidents despite the most prominent threats like terrorism and contagious germs. Therefore, make sure to check out road safety in the intended region plus you can compare road safety statistics.

Health Safety

Different germs are concentrated in different areas. Some of them are contagious. You can look up websites that put countries in the warning zone. Don’t imprison yourself to a house because you are as at risk of germs in your local town as in any other area. You can look up information on authentic websites about prevention and antidotes to different diseases. There are also websites that explain risks to specific conditions like pregnant women.

Weather Conditions

The weather keeps changing throughout the year. If you are a travel enthusiast, then you might be able to look up correct information about weather conditions in an area in specific months. Moreover, it is easy to download apps that share good estimates of potential weather changes.

In the end, the most difficult thing is to overcome your own fear.

With all of these concerns in mind that we added these new amazing features to our iUDAME app.

orange iudame 2b

*New Features:

Global coverage (app automatically identifies and pre-programs local police emergency phone numbers)

Locate nearby Hospitals, Police Stations and Fire Houses

– Get real-time travel alerts (available on pro version)

– Get real-time weather alerts (available on pro version)

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